A word from our friends at Parity Projects

As part of our drive to encourage more people to retrofit their homes, we’ve launched a new partnership with Parity Projects, experts in low energy refurbishment. We asked Chris Newman, Parity’s Commercial Director, to tell us more about their work and the benefits they can offer to Ecology members:

Examples of Home Energy MasterplansAt Parity Projects we’re really excited about the opportunity to partner with Ecology Building Society to offer our Home Energy Masterplans at a discounted rate to its members.

Everyone who works at Parity is passionate about old houses and how they can be improved for the people who live in them.  Our philosophy is stay clear of conjecture and instead to undertake independent deep analysis of homes to find the best solutions. We believe that if homeowners are given easily understandable facts and figures about all the options available to them, they can make the right decisions. To date, we’ve helped over 500 households with our Masterplans.

The Masterplan is a detailed report on a house that follows a survey of the property and feedback from the occupier about how they use it and what they want to do to it. We don’t know any other service like it on the market and we’re constantly adding to it and improving it based on feedback. You don’t get an off the shelf report, but detailed analysis carried out by one of our energy consultants – we often end up doing completely new analysis for reports and enjoy the mental workout this provides! 

In our Masterplans we look at all your building components such as walls, roofs, floors and windows, the heating and hot water systems, lights and appliances.  We apply your actual use of the house, calibrate to your bills and then analyse everything we can. We can also model renewables, Feed in Tariffs, potential payments from the upcoming Renewable Heat Incentive and even planned works and extensions.  Essentially, if it’s to do with your house, we can probably model it.

While many energy efficiency measures offer great financial paybacks as well as reducing CO2 emissions, there’s usually a upfront capital cost to be stumped up. We think the Green Deal has the potential to effect many great changes, but we don’t believe it will be the only game in town. We also believe that for many people, working outside the Green Deal will allow them to achieve more bespoke solutions with a greater range of products and materials, lower capital costs and lower financing costs.

The option to add the capital cost of energy efficiency measure to your mortgage and to be rewarded with a lower mortgage rate strikes us a brilliant way of getting over the cost hurdle.