Wednesday 25 January 2012

Our response to the Green Deal consultation

We’ve now digested the Green Deal consultation document and submitted our response to the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

The Green Deal is the government’s new policy for encouraging homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their properties. The essence of the proposal is that an independent assessor visits your home and identifies the most appropriate measures for reducing your energy consumption. The measures have to meet the ‘golden rule’ – that is, the money saved through reduced energy use is equal to or more than the money spent on the measures. The money needed is lent to homeowners by a Green Deal provider and is paid back through your electricity bill. If you move house, the debt stays attached to the property (so the new owner will continue to pay for the Green Deal through their electricity bill).


Because we believe that retrofitting our housing stock is essential to reducing the carbon footprint of the UK, we really want to see the Green Deal succeed, but we have a number of concerns about the proposals, which you can find in our response document. We’re concerned that the scheme doesn’t focus enough on why people would want to undertake a Green Deal and how the benefits of the scheme will be communicated to them, and we fear that the scheme will encourage a piecemeal approach to retrofit, rather than a systematic package of energy efficiency measures.


We’re not alone in our concerns and we hope that the government will now take the time to reconsider how the Green Deal can work best for consumers, for the energy efficiency industry, and for the environment. If you’d like to follow the debate, why not join us on Twitter or Facebook? 

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