Earth Day: Reclaiming The Climate Conversation

This year’s Earth Day calls on all of us – people, governments, institutions, businesses – to #InvestInOurPlanet and push aside the barriers to progress that have been ...

22 April 2022 Read more

COP26: From Last Best Hope To Least Worst Outcome

Our Sustainability Lead, Alison Vipond shares her personal reflections on COP26. Hopes were high for COP26. Would world leaders finally wake up and take urgent action to put the ...

18 November 2021 Read more

Measuring What Matters

Alison Vipond, Sustainability Lead at Ecology, co-chairs the UK Residential Lending Working Group of PCAF UK to improve measurement of financed emissions from mortgaged ...

5 November 2021 Read more

Financing The Future We Want – Change Is Coming

Alison Vipond, Sustainability Lead at Ecology, on Banking on Values day, how we need to mobilise finance to support the transition to net zero. Ecology Building Society is a ...

3 November 2021 Read more

COP26 – Why We Must Have Hope

Alison Vipond, Sustainability Lead at Ecology, explains why COP26 is so important and her hopes for this critical conference. This weekend, COP26 begins. It’s been described ...

29 October 2021 Read more

A Warm Hello From Lucia

Lucia Pollan, who is studying Sustainability and Environmental Management at the University of Leeds, has joined Ecology as our Sustainability and Communications student placement ...

17 February 2021 Read more

Go Together, Go Far…..

At the Green Horizon Summit on ‘The Pivotal Role of Finance’ earlier this month, Mark Carney,  underlined the importance of the financial sector working together to ...

24 November 2020 Read more

The UK Government’s Ten-Point Plan

The Prime Minister has unveiled his ten-point plan for a green industrial revolution, seen as a crucial part of levelling up the economy and delivering the Government’s target of ...

19 November 2020 Read more

Charlotte & Alex’s Self-Build

To mark this year’s Right to Build Day (30 October 2020), Ecology borrower, Charlotte, shares her story of building a new energy-efficient timber-framed home in ...

29 October 2020 Read more

Financial Activism – Use Your Money For Positive Change

How do we face the astonishing challenges that 2020 has brought into stark relief? We have known for many years that our ever-increasing consumption, and the resulting demand for ...

26 October 2020 Read more