Savings FAQs

If you've got a question about how to apply or manage your account, you might find the answer here. If you don't find what you're looking for, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

General FAQs

Which application form should I use?

From our Savings section, go to the specific savings account you would like to apply for and you will find the application form at the bottom of the page.

How can I transfer my ISA from Ecology to another provider?

Please contact your new ISA provider to arrange the transfer. If you have any questions, please contact the Savings Team on 01535 650 770 or [email protected].

How can I check my balance?

You can check your balance online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by registering for our online account management service. It’s also possible to check your balance by telephone, subject to security checks, from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

How do I log in to Ecology’s online service?

You can log in to the online account management service by clicking here. There is also a link to the service on the right-hand side of the main menu bar.

How can I pay money in?

You can make payments into your account by post or by bank transfer. You can also make regular payments by Direct Debit or standing order. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information and Product Specific Conditions.

Cheques should be made payable to Ecology Building Society re: your name and the account number needs to be written on the back of the cheque so it is clear who the money is intended for. On joint accounts cheques can be made payable to either account holder.

If you want to transfer funds direct via Faster Payments or CHAPS, your bank will need the following details:

• Destination sort code: 08 90 72
• Destination account number: 70361591
• Account name: Ecology Building Society Investors Deps
• Reference: quote your 10 digit Ecology account number

If your account number is not quoted, the payment will be returned.

Transferring money from a Co-operative Bank account?
The above details are for a collection account that we hold with the Co-operative Bank. Please note, if you hold an account with the Co-operative Bank and are using their online facility to transfer funds into your Ecology account, you will need to use the Co-operative’s ‘bill payment‘ function. This is because it will allow you to quote a reference when making your transfer; without a reference, we may be unable to pay the money into your Ecology account.

How can I withdraw money?

You can request to withdraw money from your account by post, using a Withdrawal form, by sending us a signed letter, or using Ecology’s online account management service (you will need to register first). Please see our Terms and Conditions and Product Specific Conditions for more information.

Please note, if you are making an electronic withdrawal (i.e. via Faster Payments or CHAPS) this can only be made to a nominated account. This must be a UK bank or building society account in your name or, if you hold a joint account, the name of one of the account holders.

Who should I make a cheque payable to if crediting my existing account?

Cheques should be made payable to Ecology Building Society re: your name and the account number needs to be written on the back of the cheque so it is clear who the money is intended for. On joint accounts cheques can be made payable to either account holder.

How can I change my address?

You can change your address using our Change of address notification form, by sending us a signed letter, or through our online service. You can also tell us over the phone or by email. If you email us, you must use the email address we hold on file for you.

Do I need to send ID with my application form?

No, just the application form and a personal cheque, or a Direct Debit mandate when applying for a Regular Savings account. We will advise you if we need any ID.

Will you accept an online bank statement as ID?

No, online statements or downloaded documents cannot be accepted under any circumstances.

What can you do if you think that you or someone you know is a victim of financial abuse?

If you suspect that you or somebody you know is being – or has been – subject to financial abuse, please refer to the UK Finance It’s your money guidance leaflet. This covers different types of financial abuse, what you can do to protect yourself and who to contact should you need urgent or longer-term help.

Regular Savings account

Can I transfer my existing savings account with Ecology into a Regular Savings account?

No – to open a Regular Savings account you need to apply for this account directly. We can’t accept transfer requests from an existing savings account.

How much can I pay into my Regular Savings account?

You can pay a minimum of £25 and a maximum of £250 per month into your account, with the maximum investment being £3,000 per calendar year. You can set the amount in your Direct Debit mandate when you open a Regular Savings account.

If your monthly Direct Debit is less than £250, you can top up your monthly payment to the value of £250 by way of bank transfer or cheque.

Treasurers’ Deposit account

Who can open a Treasurers’ Deposit account?

The account is only available for small groups and charities, refer to the ID requirements leaflet for further information