Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, usually consisting of letters and numbers that are stored on your computer or device when you visit a website. Cookies are used by websites and have a number of different functions - some are strictly necessary and some are optional.

Which cookies does this website use?

Our website uses both first and third party cookies. First party cookies are set by Ecology and third party cookies are set by another site.

We use cookies to allow the website, session or Ecology’s online accounts, to work properly and these are considered strictly necessary so are always on (active). We also use cookies for performance and analysis, advertising and to interact with social networking sites and these cookies are optional.

The table below lists the cookies we use on our website and explains why we use them. We believe in only gathering information that is necessary.

CookieWhy we use it
Ecology Interactive and Broker Online
(First party)
These cookies are considered strictly necessary for the sites to function, so are always on (active). They allow users to log in to their online account with Ecology and help us to identify we are dealing with the same user when they move from one page to the next while logged in. The user key within the cookie is encrypted for security and is destroyed when you close your browser.
Ecology website session
(First party)
These cookies are considered strictly necessary for the website to function, so are always on (active). These cookies hold 'session data' about a website user such as remembering the page a user has viewed.
(Third party)
These are considered performance and analysis cookies and are optional. Analytics cookies collect information about how visitors use the website. They tell us where online you come from, the pages you visit and how often you visit them. We use Google Analytics, Hotjar and Facebook to assess our performance and analyse our site. This data is used for statistical purposes only.
Social networking
(Third party)
These social networking cookies are optional. If a cookie has been set up by a social networking site you have used, or you have shared or liked a page on our website, your browser sends information about your visit to the social networking platform. The cookie detects whether you are logged in to your social networking account when you visit our website and uses this information to personalise your experience on the social networking platform in future.
(Third party)
These advertising cookies are optional. They are used to record your visit to our website, the pages you have visited and the links you have followed. This information may also be shared with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter and other dedicated display advertising networks such as Adroll to show you advertising that is relevant to your interests.
How do I manage my cookies?

To view the cookies we use on our website and manage the optional cookies click here.

To find out more about cookies please visit the Information Commissioner’s Office (often referred to as ICO).