Ecology Is First Building Society To Receive A Good Egg Mark

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Ecology has been awarded the Good Egg mark by responsible finance site Good with Money.  The site launched the Good Egg mark to make it easier for people to find financial providers that benefit people and planet.  Ecology is the first building society to be accredited with a Good Egg.

The assessment process is thorough and includes a rating by Good with Money’s research partner, Ethical Screening, to determine how well a provider measures up against a range of different environmental, social and industry impact factors.

A further level of rigour is provided by the Good Egg advisory panellists which include which former Move Your Money project manager Fionn Travers Smith and John Fleetwood, founder of leading sustainable fund analyst 3d Investing.

The Good Egg advisory panellists commended Ecology for our positive environmental impact and our strong relationships with our members.

Following Ecology’s accreditation, Paul Ellis, Chief Executive of Ecology Building Society, commented,

We’re proud to be at the forefront of the most exciting type of finance there could be – using money to make a positive difference for people and planet. The award of the Good Egg mark shows that our approach to providing ethical savings and sustainable mortgages is hard wired into the way we do business and demonstrate how we are delivering on our mission to build a greener society.”

Good Egg panellist, Fionn Travers Smith said,

‘Ecology has long been a leading light of the ethical and alternative banking movement, and it’s a pleasure to see the building society continue to uphold that legacy and deliver genuinely impactful and value added services for a range of customers. Ecology is a brilliant example of what the Good Egg institution should be all about.’

Rebecca O’Connor, co-founder of Good With Money, said:

“A Good Egg is a mark that can only be used by companies like Ecology that are able to prove they make a positive impact, not just by making things easier for their customers, but challenging the status quo while benefiting society and the environment, too.

“Look for a Good Egg if you want to have a savings account,  insurance policy, or mortgage from companies that do the right thing.”

As well as receiving the Good Egg award, Ecology is also rated as an ethical  Best Buy* for our mortgages, ISAs and savings accounts by Ethical Consumer magazine.

Good with Money’s decision to award Ecology with a Good Egg award comes one month ahead of Good Money Week, which aims to show people how they can make money and make a difference when it comes to their bank, pension, savings and investments.

*Ecology Building Society was rated as an ethical Best Buy for our mortgages, ISAs and savings accounts by Ethical Consumer magazine in its product guide rankings (May/June 2018 issue).


Published: 10 September 2019

Author: Laura Baines

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