Our 2030 Strategy

Our 2030 Strategy

As a mission-led organisation, Ecology exists to create positive benefits for people and the environment, supporting ecological homes and sustainable communities through the flow of ethical finance between savers and borrowers.

A pivotal decade of change

As we mark Ecology’s 40th anniversary, we can be proud of what we have collectively achieved, but we must also accept that it has not been enough. When Ecology was created, our founders were motivated by concerns over environmental degradation and consumerism. Forty years on, climate change, ecological collapse, deepening social inequalities and a global pandemic are now the defining, interconnected issues of our time. It has never been more relevant for Ecology to be a progressive force for change.

Our 2030 Strategy starts from the premise that tremendous economic, societal and policy change is needed by 2030, for our planet to remain safe and liveable. It is our role to empower our people to make change happen.

Shaping our strategy together

Ecology is powered by our members. We’ve worked collaboratively with members, colleagues, the board and key partners to develop our strategy. We particularly wish to thank Ecology members for sharing their valuable and diverse insights and ideas, and for pushing us to be ambitious and innovative. We’re really delighted that over 750 members took part in our member consultation to help shape our strategy.

Achieving our vision

Together we’ve developed a theory of change to guide our strategy.

We started with our positive vision of the future where people and the environment benefit from ecological homes, sustainable communities and a fair and resilient economy.

Through collaborative inputs and thoughtful analysis, we’ve defined six areas to focus on, we call these our Ecology outcomes. They are areas that build on where we are today, that provide opportunities for us to innovate, and enable us to maximise the shared value that we create for people and the environment:

We’ve put all the elements of our theory of change together while also considering that the external landscape is evolving quickly. Large-scale change needs to happen between now and 2030, and that change is starting to happen. Policy makers are making net-zero commitments and plans. Customers are adopting a sustainability mindset in their choices and decision making. Many financial organisations are pivoting towards sustainability.

We believe purpose-led ecological businesses will succeed and thrive. But we must be aware of the growing tide of greenwash that could spill over and tarnish the reputation of authentic green organisations. We will remain transparent and authentic and be brave in calling out greenwash. We will have an unrelenting focus on impact while providing exceptional service to our members.

We hope that you share our vision and will join us as we work together to build a greener society for current and future generations.

Our 2030 Strategy

Please find below our 2030 Strategy plan (and Summary 2030 Strategy plan) which sets out the issues, challenges and opportunities that face society and our priorities for this decade.

  Our 2030 Strategy - Full report


Our 2030 Strategy - Summary report