Sustainable Savings

By saving with Ecology, you’re funding eco-friendly homes, affordable housing and community projects. We don’t invest in unsustainable industries like fossil fuels, deforestation, gambling, arms and tobacco.

Mortgages that mean the world

We specialise in providing mortgages for property and projects that have a positive environmental or social impact. Good for people. Good for our planet.

Our new ISA switching service

Transfer your existing Cash ISA to Ecology and join thousands of like-minded people whose savings are helping to build a more sustainable future.

Saving with Ecology

74% of UK savers want their money to have a positive impact on the environment and society.

With Ecology, you’re in good hands. By saving with us, you’re helping to fund projects across the UK that are good for people and good for the planet. And with competitive rates, they’re good for you too.

Our Savings range has everything you need, including 35-Day and 180-Day Notice Accounts, an Easy Access account and a Regular Saver. We also provide a Cash ISA and can even accept transfers in from your other ISA accounts.

Ecology Mortgages

At Ecology, we provide mortgages that have a positive impact on people and our planet.

We offer Residential and Commercial Mortgages, and we specialise in the unusual, often taking on many projects that others won’t.

Our Residential range offers mortgages for eco-friendly self builds, renovations, and refurbishments – and more. We also reward you for creating an energy efficient home with our C-Change discount. 

Our Commercial range includes community-led housing mortgages and mortgages for charities, community groups, housing developers – and more.

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Our Customer Projects

Jessie & George’s Story: Affordable People-Powered Housing

Project: Community-led housing

London-based artists Jessie and George wanted to find an affordable property that they could treat as a home, not just an investment. Given the pressures of London’s inflated housing market, it was a challenge for them to find somewhere suitable, their options eventually becoming limited to the city's outskirts. Keen to return to their community in the heart of London, they decided to look beyond the confines of the mainstream housing market.
Jenny’s Story: A Simple & Light Urban Passivhaus

Project: Self-build

David and Gill’s offsite manufactured sustainable home

Project: Self-build

Our Awards and Accreditations

Ecology Hub

Welcome to the Ecology Hub, the heart of our commitment to sustainability and innovation. We believe in more than just financial transactions; we believe in making a positive impact on the environment and communities we serve. This hub is designed to be your central go-to for all things related to Ecology, sustainable renovation, self build projects and responsible savings.


Minimise Your Impact: How To Save More Ethically.


Discover Sustainable Renovation: Transform Your Space Responsibly.

Self Build

Embark on Your Self-Build Adventure: Constructing Your Dream Home, Sustainably.