Increase to our 180-Day Notice Savings Account Interest Rate

Directors of Oxfordshire CLT

Good for You, Good for the Planet

We’ve increased the interest rate of our 180-Day Notice Savings Account from 4.75% to 5%.

But we haven’t stopped there.

We’ve also increased the rate on our Foundation Supporters account from 4.75% to 5%.

This change is from today, Wednesday 10th July 2024.

We know that without our amazing Members, we couldn’t deliver the positive impact to people and planet like we have over the years.

So thank you for being awesome in making sure your money isn’t used for activity that harms the planet we live on.

Our Members help support Sustainable Projects across the UK

In 2023, our Savings Members helped us to fund the development of 310 sustainable properties and projects, through our new lending. See more about where our impact-led lending goes on our interactive map.

Pauline Crawford, Savings Product Manager at Ecology Building Society, said:

“Our Savings Members know their funds are being used to fund mortgage lending that helps create ecological homes, which are good for our planet, and community projects that help people and societies.

“By increasing the interest rate on this savings product, we hope to attract more people who want their savings to be put to good use, while receiving an attractive and competitive rate.

“The 180-Day Notice product is part of our existing Savings range, which includes our Cash ISA, Easy Access, 35-Day Notice, and Regular Saver Account. We’ll continue to listen to our Members as part of our ongoing drive to attract new Members to join Ecology’s important cause.”

View our current range of ethical savings accounts.

Key product details: 180 Day Notice account

  • Key product details: 180 Day Notice account
  • Variable rate of 5% gross* pa/AER**
  • Interest calculated daily and credited to account on 31 December each year
  • Minimum opening balance £1000
  • Maximum balance £500,000 (this is the maximum amount a Member can hold with us across all of their Ecology Savings accounts)
  • Can be opened online or by post

*We pay all savings interest gross, which means that no tax is deducted. It’s your responsibility to pay any tax due, based on your individual circumstances. Tax rules may change in future.

**AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and provides a means of comparing interest rates by showing what the rate would be if interest was paid and added once a year.

Published: 11 July 2024

Author: Kevin Gillespie