Pauline Crawford

Wondering how to save your money sustainably?

Let us introduce you to Ecology's Savings Product Manager, Pauline. No-one knows more about sustainable savings products that help tackle climate change than Pauline. This hub is designed to give you all the information needed to start saving more ethically, and a great place to start with this is to download your free Ethical Savings Guide.

Our Customer Projects

Crofts Court by Oxfordshire Community Land Trust

Project: Community-led housing

Oxfordshire Community Land Trust’s mission is to help solve Oxfordshire’s housing crisis through the provision of permanently affordable homes, and to act as a positive example for other community land trusts throughout the UK.

We caught up with Fran Ryan, one of the founding members of the Oxfordshire Community Land Trust to talk about their Crofts Court project that Ecology Building Society supported through the provision of a mortgage.
Global Link – Building a future for refugees

Project: Community-led housing

This is the inspirational story of Global Link, their determined leader, and the thousands of people who have been touched by the essential work they do every day.

Gisella, Executive Director of Global Link, truly embodies that great Henry Ford quote:

“If you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, then you’re probably right.”

Gisella believes she can, and it’s that mindset that has helped an Education Centre in the heart of Lancaster have a global impact.
Chapeltown Cohousing: Strength in Diversity

Project: Community-led housing

“It might not be everyone’s idea of paradise, but we’re very fond of Chapeltown. This is where we belong and we want to see it flourishing.” That’s the word on the street at Chapeltown Cohousing (ChaCo) – a community-led housing project in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Formed in 2010 following some impassioned conversations between neighbours, Chapeltown Cohousing is based in Leeds’ Chapeltown/Harehills area. Statistically, the neighbourhood is one of the most disadvantaged in the country, with the Indices of Deprivation (2019) showing it to be within the top 5% most deprived postcodes in England.

What the statistics don’t show is the abundance of diverse and vibrant culture that characterises the neighbourhood. It’s this that has given rise to the unique vision behind ChaCo.

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