About Bridge 5 Mill

Bridge 5 Mill was established and refurbished by a dedicated group of people who had a vision for a centre in Manchester that could be a hub and resource for groups, organisations and individuals working on environmental and social issues.

The original project was called the Manchester Environmental Resource Centre Initiative (MERCi) and was established in 1996 as an independent charity. MERCi found and purchased Bridge 5 Mill and refurbished it with the help of grants from the European Regional Development Fund, a private trust, The National Lottery Community Fund and the Esme Fairburn Trust, and later the Tudor Trust and Comic Relief.

The mill was refurbished using many reclaimed and recycled materials, eco paints, water saving measures and low energy fittings (and no PVC!). It also involved a range of people with different skills and backgrounds, such as New Deal apprentices from the local community, participants of ‘Building on Equality’ – a green construction course for lone parent women – and many volunteers, all of whom were led by professional craftspeople who shared their knowledge and expertise.

If you want to know more about the venue, please go to bridge5mill.org.uk/about