For homes needing extensive renovations / energy efficiency improvements: C-Change retrofit discount

The C-Change retrofit scheme offers a discount of 0.25% from our Standard Variable Rate for each rating improvement in your home’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This could be either its Energy Efficiency or Environmental Impact rating – whichever is the highest.

For example, if either EPC rating improves from E to C after the works to the property are completed, a discount of 0.50% will be available on the whole of the mortgage, for the duration of the loan. The discounts are deducted from our Standard Variable Rate (currently 4.15% – the overall cost for comparison is 4.30% APRC).

To apply the discount, we need to receive an EPC before you undertake works to your home and another EPC once works are completed. We will compare the revised EPC with the original rating, and apply the discount based on the grade improvement achieved. Until we have received your revised EPC, we will charge interest at our Standard Variable Rate. You can find out more by downloading Our C-Change discount leaflet.

Energy StandardEnergy Efficiency or Environmental Impact RatingSVR (Standard Variable Rate)Discount %Variable Mortgage Rate
Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)EPC rating improvement4.15%0.25% for each grade improvement in the EPC rating3.9-2.65% The overall cost for comparison is 4.30% APRC
Energy StandardRatingsSVR (Standard Variable Rate)Discount %Variable Mortgage Rate
PassivhausEnerPHit or EnerPHit+i4.15%1.25%2.90%. The overall cost for comparison is 3.00% APRC
PassivhausEnerPHit (PHPP modelled)4.15%0.75%3.40%. The overall cost for comparison is 3.50% APRC