Improving our conveyancing service

Keys to a new home

We’re pleased to announce our new partnership with LMS for conveyancing services, streamlining our processes and reducing turnaround times.

All solicitors or conveyancers acting on behalf of our mortgage applicants now need to be registered with LMS Panel Link.

Mortgage applicants can choose from the hundreds of solicitors and conveyancers already on the LMS panel.

If they wish to use a legal professional who’s not already on the panel for their Ecology mortgage application, that solicitor or conveyancer will need to join the panel first.

LMS works with many UK lenders and its portal offers useful information and secure messaging for solicitors and conveyancers, as well as an easy way to track the progress of their cases all the way to completion and registration.

Welcoming the new partnership, Denise Davies, Ecology’s Chief Operating Officer, said it offers greater convenience and streamlined processes for solicitors and conveyancers, improving the service for them and their clients.

“At Ecology, our lending is impact-led and we’re always seeking to improve the service we offer to our borrowers and professional partners, guided by our ethical principles.

“Partnering with LMS supports us in our mission to increase the impact we can deliver by meeting the needs of more borrowers.”

More details about the panel and how to join can be found here.

Published: 17 June 2024

Author: Julie Hemmings