Our Menopause Friendly Workplace


We’re proud to share our commitment to becoming an accredited menopause friendly workplace.

As part of our journey to achieving the accreditation:

  • we’re raising awareness of the impact of the menopause, as well as ways to support colleagues, family and friends;
  • ensuring leaders have the training to be knowledgeable and confident to support colleagues impacted by the menopause directly or indirectly;
  • reviewing policies and procedures to ensure they provide advice and guidance on the possible impact of the menopause; and
  • providing hints and tips for managing those symptoms.


This is an important step for Ecology, showing our commitment to being an inclusive employer that takes the wellbeing of our colleagues seriously and providing an environment where all colleagues can thrive.

The Menopause friendly workplace standard is accredited by an independent panel supported by the expert team at Henpicked: Menopause in the workplace which provides support for employers to raise better awareness of the menopause in their organisations.


Published: 21 October 2022

Author: Chris Meadows