Restore Nature Now march

Protesters carrying banners march together to support the envirionment

We’re proud to be supporting the Restore Nature Now march in London this Saturday, 22 June.

The organisers of this peaceful, non-political event hope it will be the biggest-ever UK gathering for nature and climate, to raise awareness about the plight of nature and biodiversity in the UK.

Ecology is among the businesses lending their support to the campaign, through our partner Business Declares, to demonstrate how care and concern for the natural world goes far beyond environmental groups.

Creating and sustaining thriving communities are part of why we exist as a business. To be successful in doing this, it’s essential that the natural world is thriving too.

That’s why we are standing alongside environmental groups including the National Trust, RSPB, Wildlife Trusts, WWF and RHS.

Whoever wins the forthcoming General Election, we want the next Government to prioritise nature and its resources in the same way as the economy, health and education.

Many thousands of people are expected to join Saturday’s march and we anticipate some of our Members will be among them – if you’re attending the march, please share your photos and experiences with us. Send these to [email protected]

Published: 18 June 2024

Author: Julie Hemmings