Identification requirements

Verifying identities helps protect us all from fraud
  • We carry out identification requirements to protect everyone from fraud
  • Where possible, we will first use electronic searches to confirm your identity

All banks, building societies and financial institutions are required by law to verify the identity of any individual or organisation that opens an account with them. This is necessary to protect the organisation, its members and the public from fraud and also to help combat money laundering.

You should note that there may be occasions when documentation over and above that stated here will need to be produced and you will be told if this applies to you.

What we need to verify an individual's identity

Existing member - quote your account number on your application:
If you already have an account with us and quote your account number on your application, we may not need any further evidence of your identity and address.

New to Ecology:
If you're new to Ecology, we'll verify your identity via electronic searches.

What we'll need if we request more information:
If we need more information, we'll ask you to provide us with two additional forms of identification, one from each of the tables (see below).

Table A

  • HM Revenue & Customs tax notification
  • Letter issued by the benefits agency
  • Passport (certified copy)
  • UK driving licence (certified copy)


Table B

  • Bank current account statement
  • Building society or bank investment account statement
  • Council tax bill
  • Gas bill
  • Electricity bill
  • Water bill
  • Telephone bill (not mobile telephone)
  • Mortgage statement
  • Credit or store card statement


Joint account? You must each have your identity verified. However, both of you may rely on the same items from Table A and Table B if they are addressed to and clearly identify each of you.

Please note:
  • Online statements or downloaded documents cannot be accepted under any circumstances
  • Any documents produced must be current and issued within the last 12 months
  • The identification provided must be from different organisations
  • All original documents will be returned to you when the account has been opened
  • Copy documents are not acceptable, except in the case of passports and driving licences, which must be certified (see below)

Copies of passports and driving licences must be certified by one of the following:

  • Accountant
  • Bank or building society official
  • Doctor
  • Minister of religion
  • Regulated financial adviser or mortgage broker
  • Solicitor
  • Teacher

Certification: The document that is being certified must state 'original seen' as well as being dated and signed. The document should also include the name of the certifier, their profession and full contact details. If the identification is photographic, the certifier must state that 'the photograph is a good likeness of the applicant'. The certifier must not be related to the applicant in any way, or named as a joint account holder.