Increase to Savings Interest Rate

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We’re pleased to say that we’re increasing the interest rate on our 90-day notice account.

This change will take effect from tomorrow, 15 November. We work hard to carefully balance the needs of all our Members in all we do. On this occasion, we’ve been able to increase these Savings rates, despite the Bank of England base rate remaining the same in November.

You can see the new interest rates for our 90-day notice account below:

Until 14 November 2023

Current rate*
(% gross p.a.*/ AER**)

From 15 November 2023

New rate*
(% gross p.a.*/ AER**)

Change (%)
90-Day Notice

Our Foundations Supporters product will also increase from 3.90% to 4.15%. The product terms guarantee that this rate will always match the highest rate on sale.

Your impact

When you save with Ecology your money has a real impact and a fair return. You help to support the development of energy efficient buildings and sustainable communities.

Want to feel inspired about how your money is being used? Read about the projects supported by the money you save.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact our friendly Savings Team at [email protected] or 01535 650 770.

Published: 14 November 2023

Author: Laura Baines