Improved Online Account Service For Members

Over the coming weeks, we will be launching an improved online account service for our members. The new-look system will feature a range of upgrades, offering savers and borrowers a more convenient way to manage their accounts online.

These are just some of the enhancements that Ecology members can look forward to:

〉 Updated look: we’ve re-designed the look and feel of the service to make it more inviting and simpler to use

〉 Tablet and mobile friendly: the service will be optimised for viewing on a variety of devices, including tablets and smartphones

〉 Automated password recovery: new passwords can now be set online by the user

〉 Instant mini-statements: it will be quicker and easier to access account mini-statements

〉 Account personalisation: users can nickname their accounts and decide on the order in which they appear on-screen

〉 Simplified money transfer: the service will make it easier to transfer money between Ecology accounts and to a nominated bank account

The updated system, which will replace the existing Interactive service, is part of Ecology’s wider digital development, which is focussed on ensuring our members can manage their money in a way that’s convenient, hassle-free and secure. The programme of changes will enable Ecology to adapt to the opportunities and challenges of the digital era, supporting our mission to build a greener society while continuing to offer members the best possible service.

Ecology’s IT Manager, Matt Wilson (pictured), comments,

We want our members to benefit from the latest innovations in technology, while retaining Ecology’s emphasis on treating people as individuals. The launch of our improved online account service is a really positive step forward – it means a better online experience for members and a more resilient, digitally attuned Society.

Existing Interactive users will be automatically transferred to the new online system when it launches over the coming weeks. We will be contacting all registered Interactive users with details of what to expect.


Published: 31 May 2018

Author: Laura Baines