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Welcome to the Ecology Hub, the heart of our commitment to sustainability and innovation. We believe in more than just financial transactions; we believe in making a positive impact on the environment and communities we serve. This hub is designed to be your central go-to for all things related to Ecology, sustainable renovation, self build projects and responsible savings.


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Our Customer Projects

Jessie & George’s Story: Affordable People-Powered Housing

Project: Community-led housing

London-based artists Jessie and George wanted to find an affordable property that they could treat as a home, not just an investment. Given the pressures of London’s inflated housing market, it was a challenge for them to find somewhere suitable, their options eventually becoming limited to the city's outskirts. Keen to return to their community in the heart of London, they decided to look beyond the confines of the mainstream housing market.
Andy & Lorna’s Story

Project: Renovation

Andy, an architectural designer, and Lorna, a charity development manager, wanted to improve the energy efficiency of their home, an old railway cottage in Hereford, as well as creating more space to accommodate their growing family.
Caroline’s story – The House at Wildcat Corner

Project: Self-build

Caroline has always lived in the Highlands, known for its beautiful scenery. She owns a quiet plot of land north of Inverness on which she developed her own self-build home, after being inspired by low-carbon living at a self-build exhibition.